Chapter 1 - A New Beginning

Session Info
  • Session 1 2XP Date: ???
  • Session 2 3XP Date: ???


  • Taika
  • Mirumoto Sakune
  • Tohaku
  • Mojojojen
  • Agasha Taro

Six months has passed since the Oni Lord was defeated at the second Bon Festival, with the loss of Wanabe and Akodo Yoshi and the crippling of Bayushi Tamiko. During that time, things have returned to normal in Ryoko Owari, pedestrian corruption and double-dealing taking the place of the screaming horror of Shadowland incursions. Comfortably ensconced in their mansion, the Magistrates have become well-known to the locals and have started to establish reputations.

Chapter 1 - A New Beginning

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