Otomo Mojujojen

A cast out Yasuki courtier, come Maho-Tsukai Sagasu risen high by the Emperors esteem.


Earth 4
Stamina 4
Willpower 4
Air 4
Reflexes 4
Awareness 4
Fire 3
Agility 3
Intelligence 3
Water 3
Strength 3
Perception 4
Void 3

Honor 2.8
Glory 2.7
Status 5.0 Emerald Magistrate/Maho-Tsukai Sagasu

Roaring Wave [A fine Katana crafted by Shiba Hidano of Shiro Shiba]
Fine Court Attire
Fine Clothing
Light Armour with Imperial Magistrate Mon
Jade Maho-Tsukai Sagasu Amulet
Emerald Magistrate Badge of Office and Papers
Crystal Yari
Crystal Lantern
Travelling clothes

Interested Ancestors

Bentens Blessing
Blessings of Fresh Water
Blood of the Mountain
Great Destiny
Minor Ally [Kitsuki Minori]
Minor Ally [Shiba Makara]
Minor Ally [Yotsu]
Major Ally [Lord of the Lake of Singing Willows]
Resist Taint
Social Position: Emerald Magistrate

Bad Reputation [considered a Fool by Crane families]
Jealous [Prove self against the Crane]
Minor Enemy [DaiDoji Ichiro (deceased)]
Obligation [To make amends to Doji Miharu]
Obligation [Lord of the Lake of Singing Willows]
Obligation [Yogo Junzo]
Obligation [Old Life Dreamer]

Elevated from Ronin status by the Emperor commanding his adoption into the Otomo.
Elevated from Clan Magistrate to Imperial Magistrate by command of the Emperor.
Cured of his lameness by the experimental magics of Yogo Junzo.

Strike the Darkness
See the Darkness
Cricket Listens [May substitute Awareness instead of Agility for Melee Attacks]

Mizu-Do Techniques
Bend Like the Reed
Dragon Claw
The farther you fall

Athletics 3
Batttle 5
Calligraphy 1
Commerce 1
Courtier 3
Cyphering 1
Defence 3
Etiquette 3
Gambling 1
Herbalism 1
Horsemanship 1
Hunting 2
Iaijutsu 5
Investigation 5
Kenjutsu 5
Know the School – Kakita 1
Kuenai 1
Kyujutsu 1
Law 3
Lore – Ghosts 1
Lore – Jigoku 1
Lore – Maho-tsukai 1
Lore – Shadow 1
Lore – Shadowlands 2
Lore – Yume-do 1
Lore – Spirit Realms 1
Manipulation 1
Meditation 2
Mizu-do 3
Sincerity 3
Tea Ceremony 1
Yarijutsu 2


When he was born the Astrologers said of Yasuki Suzumushi, here is a child of import, he will brush shoulders with the powerful, great hero’s will call him friend, the great fortune Benten blesses his countenance and a great mark on the Empire will he leave.

Among members of the Yasuki family it was hoped that the young Yasuki Suzumushi would bridge the gulf between them and their former clan, the Crane. The child of influential magistrate Yasuki Kobuichi, this bright, charming and handsome child of was being groomed by friendly members of the Crab and Crane clans to be bridegroom to an influential Doji Lords fifth daughter. He was schooled in etiquette by Doji courtiers, trained in mizudo by Asahina monks, and taught fencing in the Kakita academy. He was a star pupil in every class.

Soon other students sought his advice and his opinions on all manner of points. Suzumushi liked that others would listen to him, and he would not hesitate to share his wisdom with them. He was witty, urban, charming and equal measure, for surely, Benten had blessed his countenance. Suzumushi felt his destiny settle around his shoulders like a mantle. He wore it proudly.

Not long after his teachers made efforts to bring him to notice of the powerful of the Crane, it was decided for him to be engaged to one of their promising young students. Their Astrologers saw that this was a union that would greatly help mend the rift between the Crane and the Yasuki, and bring a period of peace between the two great clans. At age twelve he met his bride to be, the beautiful Doji Miharu. She was as beautiful, as refined and as charming a bride as any Samurai might hope.

The official engagement rituals saw many powerful and well connected dignitaries arrive as guests of the Doji. Emissaries of every clan were in attendance, and many family members from both sides arrived to join the celebration. In this were the seeds of his ruin laid.

His cousin Kuni Hobu, a childhood friend and guest at the wedding and an apprentice of the Maho-Tsukai Sagasu Kuni Kaede, had come across evidence of the corruption and taint of a member of the bridal party. Tell-tale signs such as bandages with infected tissues, blood filled sake cups, wicked notes written in unspeakable substances. Hobu had the suspicion that none other than the grandmother of Saburu’s fiancé was corrupted, since she always was followed by a nurse and was frail and ill and always bitter tongued.

Horrified at the prospect he could be marrying a tainted bride, Suzumushi set out to prove his cousin wrong, and joined his investigation… and after all it would be his duty to the empire. To his continued horror, Suzumushi’s observations seemed to confirm Hobu’s accusations, and he felt he had no choice but to air them… in court.

The resulting furore over the accusations was the whispered talk of the court for months. The looks Suzumushi received from others in the court ranged from shock from his father, to outright hatred from the Daidoji. The Maho-Tsukai Sagasu Kuni Kaede soon cleared the woman of any taint and of any wrong-doing, though her handmaiden had disappeared an it appeared that she was indeed greatly tainted by the traces she had left behind. Still, the damage was done. Both Doji and Daidoji demanded justice by the blade, but Suzumushi’s father intervened.

“The stain here is upon the honor of my family!“, said he, in a clear voice,”Since my son is yet of age, I must take responsibility for his behavior! I truly regret what has passed here, and can only begin to offer proper reparations for the insult to your honour. I must cleanse the stain upon our houses. I must commit seppuku! Suzumushi would you be my second?”
“B-bu… Hai! Father!”
“Good! When I pass you must take my place, you must take my place. It is our blessing to serve the Yasuki as magistrates in perpetuity. My Duty is now yours! Take this fan as sign or your office.”
“Suzumushi, you have created a stain on our family honor that cannot be easily undone!”
“Hai! I am sorry beyond words.”
“For that I cast you out of the Yasuki!”
“B-bu.. Hai! Yasuki-Sama”
“You are now Moju-jojen, young magistrate, and only when you have killed your ten-thousandth monster may you petition to be a admitted to the Yasuki!”
“Hai! Yasuki-Sama”

Still drenched in his fathers blood, Mojujojen left the estate with Kuni Kaede and her apprentice Kuni Hobu.

“I must say, young Mojujojen, it id good to find someone brave enough to speak their mind in court even if it probably will get them killed” Kaede said.
“Since your fate has changed it’s course, might I recommend I teach you a little on how to recognise proper signs of taint among the living as I re-educate my apprentice,” she added, "stay with me a year before you do anything else and, perhaps, something good may come of this horrid mess you two have made. "

Otomo Mojujojen

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