• Bayushi Ryobo

    Bayushi Ryobo

    A Scorpion courtier and duellist who ended up losing his life to Miramoto Sakune in a duel
  • Doji Satsume

    Doji Satsume

    The current Emerald Champion
  • Doji Tohaku

    Doji Tohaku

    A former ronin who won the Topaz Championship, became an Emerald Magistrate and was adopted into the Doji family. Currently assigned with Sukune and Taika to Ryoko Owari, he resides in Otosan Uchi to handle the reporting of their work.
  • Hantei XXXVIII

    Hantei XXXVIII

    The Emperor
  • Hida Arata

    Hida Arata

    A Crab general, who is also the great-uncle of Mojojojen's former fiancee
  • Hida Susumu

    Hida Susumu

    A Crab Emerald Magistrate who Taika met in Otosan Uchi
  • Isawa Eju

    Isawa Eju

    The former Master of Void, upon looking at the party, commented "You'll do" - opinions as to his tone of voice differ
  • Kakita Katsu

    Kakita Katsu

    The sensei of the Dancing Crane dojo in Otosan Uchi
  • Miramoto Ken

    Miramoto Ken

    A second cousin of Miramoto Sakune's who is currently a guard at the Dragon Embassy in Otosan Uchi. He is quite an afficionado of the duel.
  • Mirumoto Shichiro

    Mirumoto Shichiro

    The Dragon Ambassador to the Imperial Court at Otosan Uchi
  • Otaku Hana

    Otaku Hana

    A Unicorn Emerald Magistrate who liked to discuss battle tactics, especially the use of cavalry with Miramoto Sakune.
  • Otomo Kuro

    Otomo Kuro

    A young page who works for the Otomo family and who is both friendly and efficient.
  • Seppun Kazuo

    Seppun Kazuo

    A hatamoto of the Seppun family, he is responsible for hunting out threats to the Empire
  • Sho


    A ji-samurai poet who works for Mirumoto Sukune
  • Soshi Sotorii

    Soshi Sotorii

    Daimyo of the castle Thunder of Soshi which guards a pass through the Spine of the World
  • Togashi Kenjin

    Togashi Kenjin

    A Tattooed Man who has lived on Seppun Hill in Otosan Uchi for many years. He has a reputation for being very wise and very strange.
  • Wanabe


    Ronin, Ishiken, sworn Oni-hunter & saviour of Ryoko-Owari [Deceased]
  • Yogo Junzo

    Yogo Junzo

    The daimyo of the Yogo family, old and a bit scary
  • Yogo Ryn

    Yogo Ryn

    A Scorpion courtier who was saved by the Magistrates and travelled with them to Otosan Uchi
  • Yori


    A priest of the Diamond Sutra sect, he seems to have a dislike of Tattooed Men
  • Yotsu


    A ronin who sacrificed his youngest son to save the Emperor's son. A very honourable fellow despite his background.