Togashi Taika

Tall, bald young man with a lightning tattoo down the left side of his face, and various other tattoos on his back and left arm.


Clan: Dragon
Family: Togashi
Insight: 276
Honour: 2.8
Status: 5.5
Glory: 5.4

– Ise Zumi Rank 5
– Emerald Magistrate 1st Rank (Saibankan’s Method)

Positions Held
– Keeper of the Hantei’s Sutra
– Emerald Magistrate (Currently assigned to Ryoko Owari)

Lord of the Lake of the Singing Willow (Major)
Shiba Mikaru – Daimyo of the Shiba (Minor)
Kitsuki Minoru
Yotsu – Head of the newly-formed Yotsu family

Lord of the Lake of the Singing Willow (Major)
Old Life Dreamer – inhabitant of Yumi-do (Minor)


Earth 4

Water 3

Fire 4

Air 4

Void 6

Known Skills:
Athletics 3
Battle 2
Courtier 3
Craft: Mitzugusuri 3
Defense 3
Etiquette 1
Horsemanship 2
Kazedo 4
Kenjutsu 1
Law 3
Lore – Dragon 1
Lore – Shadowlands 1
Lore – Shugenja 1
Lore – Yumi 1
Medicine 4
Meditation 3
Nazodo 2
Obiesaseru 1
Shintao 3
Sincerity 2
Tanto-jutsu 1
Theology 1

Known Tattoos



The story of where Togashi Taika came from is at once the same and different from the story of where all Togashi come from.

Most souls are as snowflakes in the sky, wafted in many directions by the prevailing currents, distracted by eddies and subject to the direction of their lives being changed at a moment’s notice by the impersonal forces of nature. They do not change in themselves, they merely change location.

Such was Taika as a baby.

Most people in Rokugan are as water in a river; taking their pre-ordained path through life in the circumstances fated for them at birth.

Such was Taika as a small child.

Most of us hold dear to our beliefs in the face of wisdom and learning, reluctant to follow the path of enlightenment about oneself and the world in the same way that hard earth resists the toil of the farmer to improve it and make it a source of growth.

Such was Taika as a boy.

It is easy to be quick to anger and to take up a desire for revenge; similarly it takes one small flame to quicken and grow, causing destruction in its wake.

Such was Taika’s coming of age as blood was spilt and his childhood home burned.

Finding one’s path in life and having the will and resolve to turn all of oneself’s energies to follow that is rare.

Such is Togashi Taika as a man.

Togashi Taika

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