Miramoto Sukune

The famous Sukune

Clan: Dragon
Family: Murrimoto
School: Murrimoto Bushi School 4 (5)

Earth: 4
Water: 4
Fire: 4
Air: 4
Void: 4

Glory: 8.1
Honour: 4.7
Status: 6.5
Yumeiji: 0.3

Age: 16

Ancestor: Murrimoto
Great Destiny
Elemental Attunement
Go Master
Blood of the Mountain
Blessing of Fresh Water
Imperial Betrothal – Hantei Sokura
Authority – Emerald Magistrate

  • Kitsuki Hatamoto (1)
  • Shiba Mikara (2)
  • Lord of the Lake of the Singing Willows (3)
  • Yotsu (1)


  • Old Life Dreamer (2)
  • Lord of the Lake of Singing Willows (4)
Sworn Enemy:
  • Doji Jirou
  • Murrimoto Akomi
  • Bayushi Ryobo

Archery 2
Battle 5
Caligraphy 1
Courtier 4
Defence 3
Etiquette 3
Hand To Hand 1
Heraldry 2
Horesemanship 2
Hunting 2
Iajutsu 5
Kenjutsu 5
Law 1
Lore: Shugenja 1
Lore: Ryoko Owari 1
Meditation 2
Poetry 1
Sincerity 2
Shin Tao 1
Tea Ceremony 2
War Fan 1
Yarijutsu 1


Sukune was born into an honourable but modest household near Shiro Murrimoto. His father, not an overly ambitious man, oversaw a small farming village for his clan and was in charge of two other Samurai. His mother was an educated woman from Shiro Murrimoto devoting her abundance of talent to the small role duty offered her. Over the years children were born and the pattern of life was set.

The birth of Sukune (their fourth child) shook up this rural idyll. It is said that the night he was born a volcano erupted in the Mountains in clear view of where his mother lay confined. The village fortune teller rushed to the family home claiming an event of great importance was taking place. Sukune’s mother seemed to know that already…

As he grew, Sukune was doted on by his mother and siblings. A precocious child, Sukune was always the centre of events, even turning the local peasant children into his own army so he could “re-create” famous battles with himself as the hero. His father found his younger son to be capable in any particular task Sukune put his mind to, it was a matter of getting him to focus. Rarely did Sukune hear the word “No”, and if he did he seemed able to ignore it. The whole village knew he was special, soon Sukune knew it too.

A child more interested in action than thought, Sukune struggled to pay attention to his more academic studies. In contrast, the martial ways of the Murrimoto bushi school came easily to Sukune, his blood seeming to recognise the lessons as something he had already been taught. At the age of thirteen he knew he was ready to prove himself as a samurai having equalled his father in martial tests. He sought permission to take him gempuku at Shiro Murrimoto. Permission was denied and despite remonstrations, his father put his foot down stating “You may not take your gempuku at Shiro Murrimoto, thirteen is too young for such a place”.
The obvious interpretation of such a statement is that thirteen is not too young for other places. Borrowing the old swords of a fallen uncle, Sukune set out for the most prestigious gempuku he could find, one being attended by the Emperor himself. It turns out people rarely ask the child walking near the rear of a group of travellers for their travel papers.

The gempuku turned out to be much more successful than anyone there (other than Sukune himself) expected. Only narrowly beaten in the final duel by a man five years his senior, Sukune was on the road to fulfilling his great destiny. Sukune was confident, soon the whole Empire would know his name.

Miramoto Sukune

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